What kind of pleasure do you think the most about Bali? Kuta beach with a bottle of Bintang in your hand? An exotic piece of historical culture at the wherever temples? Or having a pleasant retreat of luxury spa treatments and self-pampering?

So here I am now, actually this is not too important to explain (LOL) but I think this is a bit important to share with. Nowadays I enjoy my life working in spa field, exactly, an international spa academy… neither as a therapist nor a therapist’s trainer… learning about something new and rejuvenating my knowledge as I have ever taken a Diploma of Health four years ago. Hehehe.

This school, Bali International Spa Academy, a very well-known spa academy in Bali which is founded in 2006 by a 40 years of experienced lady, Penny Ellis.

BISA is widely regarded as one of Asia’s leading spa, massage, aesthetics and wellness training schools. Besides, as a CIBTAC accredited school, BISA is the first to offer CIBTAC endorsed courses such as Balinese Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Maternity Program, Thai Program, Ayurvedic Program, Spice Islands Program, Shiatsu Program and Slimming Program. Most of the students here are 90% people from all over the world and the rest are Indonesians who need CIBTAC certification to expand their career abroad or start working in their desired country.

By the way, CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) is a leading awarding body, proud of our international recognition for producing Graduates of the highest calibre. BISA had been being CIBTAC Centre of the Year in 2015, and can’t wait for the coming up announcement, this summer!

And oh, this school is also an authorized VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) training centre. VTCT is a well-established, awarding organization specializing in service industries such as spa & beauty therapies. Their programs are ideal for people with short time availability and desire structured curriculums.

Not only CIBTAC and VTCT, but this academy also offers more than 30 courses: Five to 10 day courses based on Bali BISA custom designed curriculums and syllabus. Topics include basic spa therapies, holistic modalities, health and wellness, aesthetics, Ayurvedic and maternity. The courses are further combined into longer programmes and comprehensive therapist training programmes. The academy also offers Spa Management courses which is quite popular in 2016.

Very few of the courses have pre-requisites. As a novice who are planning on studying basic levels or even CIBTAC and VTCT courses, you don’t even need it though. All you need is desire and enthusiasm. But some of the courses such as Spa Management courses require several years as a spa therapist. The CIBTAC endorsed programme requires the formal education of anatomy and physiology, but students can take this at Bali BISA along with their course at a discounted rate.

Speaking about trainers as BISA’s main assets beside the courses, they are upgrading their international certification yearly and hold few internal workshops every month. The trainers are all highly experienced therapists and must pass a three month training programme before becoming trainers.

Curious about how your day will spend here? Well… as an overview, the day begins at 9am at Bali Bisa with a group meditation and yoga session to help you relax and ease into the day. The student groups on each course are usually quite small, giving good quality interaction and practice time between the teachers and the students. If you are lucky, you will be the only student to enrol on your course that week so you will have your teacher all to yourself. To complete the course and receive your qualification, you must pass your written and practical exam at the end of your training. The course is a great balance of book study and practical performance. On the hands-on thing, you will be given all the extras that a spa therapist must know, such as greeting a client and how to give a consultation.

If your aim is to be a Professional Spa Therapist, choose BISA. It dedicated to ensuring you master all the skills required to be the most dynamic Spa Therapist on entering the Commercial Spa world. Employers worldwide seek its graduates, really!

For more information, price list, schedule and promotion, please contact me thru info@balibisa.com or visit spa school in Bali. Would be more than very very happy to help!

Have a great day, everyone!

Lots of love,