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Ogoh-Ogoh and Nyepi; From Crowds Celebration to Self-Meditation

As we know that many people have chosen Bali as their tourism destination to travel to. Bali has its own charm, with its diverse cultures and landscapes. However, what if you visit Bali —which is also well-known as the Island of the thousand temples, with a different atmosphere? Try to visit Bali during Nyepi week. Perhaps, it sounds really boring if you…

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“Pecalang”, Traditional Security Personnel in Bali

At the end of March, especially on March 31st, people in Bali will celebrate Hindu ceremony, Nyepi. Nyepi Day, the “Day of Silence”, marks the Balinese New Year. It is both a cultural imperative and an iconic event of powerful significance, and it literally stops all activity on the island for one full day of the year. The airport and all…

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