If You are now, has a full ownership of Ms. Fanny Yustisa, God, please let her know my message.

제발 부탁드립니다.

It’s been a year since You has taken her away. How is she now? This message is kind of nostalgic and unimportant to read by somebody else, but I want her knowing this.

I would like to share a little bit story that we had ever made since we knew each other in a college. I think it was six years ago. Fanny was well-known by her puppy-face, innocent, cute, adorable… but she had a natural flair which was easily to make people laugh. I still remember the way she laughed of her joke (too), the way she talked super excitingly to everyone, when she told an absurd story about Kang Ma Roo and friends- not sure who they were (I found out that Ma Roo was Song Jong Ki. He was starring a famous action drama “The Innocent Man”, FYI… But now he is super popular lately after finishing his role as an handsome-“cuma kena debu masih tetep ganteng”-Korean army!) Hmm.. yeah, she made jokes about him in a daily dose since long ago! It was SO HILARIOUS you know, whenever I saw the video I recorded between her and Amun, one of my classmate. Oh, they talked in a language which only them could understand.

Fanny also could spend many hours speaking about PEOPLE’S CHARACTER BASED ON THEIR ASTROLOGY… LOL

Once she ever said, if you are a Pisces, your feel high even if your crush only bring you one planted rose blooms in a bucket! Hmm. Sort of.

She definitely loved flowers.

When we graduated from a college, I would never forget how we unpredictably wore our own Kebaya in the same color… twice (Yudisium and Wisuda)! After the ceremony finished, she cried out losing her dad- he left her somewhere for a while and what a pity, her dad also brought her meal coupon, lol! But finally my parents came up, gave their coupon so she could have her lunch hihihi..

I also knew what her plan was after graduation; continued her study to a university in Surabaya for being a doctor. What an angel’s heart she had.

What I didn’t understand was: why did the docter diagnose her a cancer when she tried learning about them? Wasn’t it unfair?

She finally collapsed, after two years in the hospital suffering in pain with needles, scars and swolen on her whole hand, back and neck… tried to pass every chemotherapy that she hated so much. She cried, a lot… then she’d been amused by a box of cupcakes. SHE DID CRUMBLING TO DEATH, BUT NEVER GAVE UP.


I want to go back to the day we had spent. We screamed out loud for the cakes, sang The Carpenters songs just only both of us in a karaoke bar, and did ‘jumping jumping‘ every time we heard Crayon Pop.


I hope she will be fine beside You now. Laughing a lot with You on her absurd stories.

Our Fanny always needs a friend to talk with.

Yeah, she always does.

Thank you for reading, fellas!
Lots of love,