When I (finally) decided to write this random words, my mind threw back to my ridiculous teenager’s life. There was Friendster, (umm, it means I was at grade 7 or 8) a place where creativity was over pumping. Fortunately, I found these several old files from that time, which is I can make this up into a funny topic to write. Yeah, I’ve just realized this feels kinda frustrating trying to come up with this many things about myself. But seriously, I’ve listed all random things I know about myself.


1. I am addicted to stationery. And books, especially fictions. I can grab the whoooole things at the bookstore without even seen the price first. As long as they’re cute, lovable, worth to use (or read), my room will be packed by these stuffs!

2. I’m crazy of writing. I need to write something a day. Pen and paper or notebook must be inside my bag where ever I go!

3. I can spend countless hours organizing things so that it looks like the way I want. I love it when I see things the way I want to see them. Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder… and I like to change a file’s name, in a folder, in hundreds of amount.

4. I’m a morning person. I wake up ready to dance. The best mornings I have usually start with my playlist and by having a mini-dance party/lip sync while doing make up before going to work. Room-dance parties cheer me up, charging my mood. I love singing in the bathroom and keep bringing my phone. My song cycle could be:


5. Pistachio and mascarpone flavored is the best taste for gelato, and Häagen-Dazs holds the best taste of hazelnut ice cream. I do love green tea latte and addicted to peanut butter 😀 Basically, I like (almost) all of sweet desserts.


6. Sorry to say, but I hate spaghetti, carbonara and aglio olio. Yuck! If we are talking about the worst experience, I’ve also ever visited one of the Italian restaurant in Ubud, and ordered coconut milk. I thought it mixed between coconut water and milk (okay, I lost my mind at that time LOL) but the fact was, yaah, coconut milk. And it was plain. PLAIN, as the real taste of coconut milk. And it was quite expensive. God! -_-

7. Autumn is my favorite season. The colors are stunning, the weather is perfect! Never seen Autumn in Bali (LOL) but I wish I could go to 4 seasons countries to capture it.

8. Mostly watching ‘happy-ending’ movies. I’ve watched A Cinderella Story for almost 20 times. I had watched it when I enjoyed my (longer) me-time, and I never watched it with anyone.

9. A fabulous BRANCHER. How bad that I always get insomnia every night.brancher

10. I am insanely jealous of any type of musician. I used to played guitar and for now I’m still looking for the new one.

11. My lucky number is 2, my favorite time is at 2 am, my favorite weekday is Thursday, my favorite dates are 12 and 25 (payroll time!)

12. I love eye contact. That’s because I want to know how people’s first impressions after seeing my eyes 😀

13.  I’m easily distracted by things that sparkle or things that are out of the ordinary.

14. I’m in love with nature. Stars, night view, forest, fresh air, rain, sunshine, blue sky, wind and flowers. Either the smell of a forest after a night of rain OR earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soilis (Petrichor) are the scents of heaven to my nose.

15. Things better when they’re written as a lyric.

16. I believe that the main character of people are created by their astrological aspects. I like to analyze them depend on their zodiac.

17. My job are totally different with my educational background. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m grateful and kind of being rich of knowledge.

18. I love celebration, because I love seeing people around me.

19. Going somewhere alone is definitely me. Riding motorbike is my main needs 🙂

20. I like having new experiences. It doesn’t really matter if they’re good or bad.

21. Wishing wells, shooting stars and four leaves clover are magical and I always wish upon them.

22. I love eating as much as I’m addicted to singing.

23. I wanna have a tattoo like this on my back:


24. Dare I dream? Yes I do. I got a lot of dreams. I just don’t know which one to focus on. It’s a problem.

25. I love life in every way. I wake up in the morning and I am so happy to see that ray of sunshine peeking through my window. My days aren’t always perfect but this is how they always begin. I really love being me 🙂

Gawdddd, did I just post this? 😀